CC Outtake: 1991 Buick Regal Classic Edition by BG – Why It’s Good That Buicks Are Just Rebaged Opels Now

1991 Buick Regal Custom Edition d

Was there ever a sadder Buick than the one that rode on the flaccid GM10 platform? Everything GM offered on that platform oozed low expectations. The problem wasn’t that GM downsized and made front drive several formerly proud nameplates. The problem was that this, apparently, was the best GM could do.

1991 Buick Regal Custom Edition a

These cars all became cheap wheels within five years of rolling off the assembly line. Buy here, pay here.

1991 Buick Regal Custom Edition e

And then there’s crap like this padded cloth roof panel. I am guessing that some dealer had this done to ordinary Regals to luxe them up a little. Gotta appeal to the traditional geriatric Buick buyer. Those still existed by the score in 1991, but there aren’t enough of them left today for Buick to turn enough of a profit. So Buick has retrenched, and now tries to appeal to someone more my age (I’m pushing 50). It’s working, at least on me; the current Regal’s taut style appeals to me as it evokes a 3-series BMW.

This Regal – well, the nicest thing I can say about it is that it survived somehow.