CC Outtake: 1994 Chevrolet Bel Air Station Wagon – 1963 Revisited

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(first posted 10/26/2015)    Ok; it’s not really a Bel Air wagon, but if Chevy had kept that nameplate alive into the 90s, this is what one would have looked like. And although I’ve never been a big fan of this generation of big Chevy, I’m seeing some genuine 1963-vintage curb appeal with this one.

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It’s almost amazing how wheels can transform the looks of a car, and in this case, these ’63 Chevy dog dishes are really doing it, in a very good way. Now if they had been from a ’61, we’d have to call this a Parkwood.  Which would be appropriate in its setting here, in the parking lot of Alton Baker Park with woods behind it. But the air was good too, on this perfect fall day.

Chevrolet 1963 Bel Air wagon cavanaugh crop-vert

1963 Bel Air courtesy JPCavanaugh, who is standing in front of it in his PJs.

The big question is this: did the owner specifically use ’63 Chevy hub caps because of the similarities with the actual ’63, with that body character line running from the front fender over the low-cut rear wheel opening? Inquiring minds want to know.

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This may technically be a Caprice Classic, but there’s nothing very Caprice or classy about the interior. I don’t really know the actual year, but it has to be from ’94 – ’96, thanks to the very cheap looking dash. Pretty weak…but then the 1963 Chevy dash wasn’t exactly memorable either.

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I was a bit taken by this Chevy wagon, especially since it was the very best time of day for the light and all. Maybe I would have felt differently on a rainy day? Or maybe it’s because I couldn’t stop looking at those black tires, white wheels and dog dishes.

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Maybe it’s time to paint the wheels on my wagon white and find some….’63 Toyopet hub caps?

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Sadly, the owner didn’t see fit to change the name of his car along with the hub caps.