CC Outtake: 1996 Ford Aspire – OMG, I Actually Found One

1996 Ford Aspire

I believe this is the first Aspire featured at CC. Not that I think I deserve a medal for it – this is a car we’ve ragged on many, many times in the comments of other posts. One running theme in those comments has been how these seemed to all crap out well before they reached 100,000 miles. My experience here in Rustopia bears it out – this is the first one I’ve seen in years.

I rented one of these once, in this color. Is it just my imagination, or were 80% of these this color? Anyway, it ranks as the all-time least enjoyable rental I ever had, even behind the execrable 2005 Malibu I rented once. That Aspire had very little power and it felt like it was made out of aluminum foil. I worried constantly about not being able to get out of the way of a comparatively enormous Escort on a collision course, and having this car crush around me. I never felt so vulnerable behind the wheel of a car before.

I wished I had time to photograph this car and give it more of a writeup, but I was late for my next appointment. I took a quick photo from the driver’s seat of my car and moved on.