CC Outtake: 4th Gen Chrysler Grand Voyager – Wait, What?

My recent travels in Sweden took me to Hönö Island, which requires a short ferry ride from the mainland. On one such ride, I slipped my hire car in behind this Chrysler Grand Voyager, thinking, “Oh, this is one of those from right after when the Plymouth brand was killed off…”

It turns out that the Chrysler minivan was sold as a Voyager/Grand Voyager right from the beginning (1988) in Europe and Mexico. It was only the USA market short wheelbase Plymouth Voyager that got rebadged as a Chrysler Voyager from 2001-03, when it was renamed  Town & Country.

Current generation Grand Voyagers are manufactured exclusively in Canada, with a diesel engine sourced from VM Motori as standard. As shown in the photo above (not of our subject car), right hand drive as well as manual transmissions are also available (hey, you *know* I’d jump at the chance for a diesel/manual version for our driveway!). The V6 badging on our subject car indicates it likely has a petrol engine and automatic, however.

The 4th-gen Grand Voyager is still manufactured in China exclusively for that market. As of 2011, Grand Voyagers have been sold under the Lancia marque (rather than Chrysler) with exception of vehicles offered in the UK, Ireland and China markets where Lancia has no sales network. Over 13 million units of all generations/badge brothers have been sold of the Chrysler minivans, making it the 13th highest selling nameplate of all time (to date).