CC Road Trip: Gonna Buy You a Chevrolet

001 Chevy Pickups Cuero TX 120224_1000

Having done an all-Ford road trip post just a few weeks back, it seems only fair to show some Chevy love as well. As with the Ford piece, the photos were shot at various locations around East and South Texas.

Leading off are a pair of five-window Advance Design pickups spotted behind a small restoration shop in Cuero, Texas. It recently seems to have moved to another location; too bad as there seemed to be something interesting there every time I drove past.

1941 Chevrolet pickup Cuero TX 120224_1000

At the same location, yet another pickup: appears to be a ’41, with the mother of all patina. A nice little fixer-upper.

1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Henry Rd Houston 120413_1000

This ’47 (thanks, chas108) Fleetline sedanette apparently belongs to the owner of a dive bar in northeast Houston, where it certainly adds to the ambiance. Put the stock wheels back on it and it’s ready to be the ride of some film noir private detective.

1956 Chevrolet sedan South Texas

I’ve preferred to avoid Tri-Fives due to the cliché factor, but this ’56 sedan gets a nod because a similar model was the first car I remember my parents having. Theirs was black, however, and of course didn’t have those slighly hokey fender skirts. Photographed in Navasota, TX, if memory serves.

1961 Chevy Impala Canado TX_1000

Everyone seems to have their favorite early-‘60s Chevy, I guess mine is the ’61, just because of that descending character line. I caught the one in the photo just as it was being readied for transport from a storage yard in Canado, TX to a destination unknown.

1967 Corvair Monza Houston_1000

Here’s one for Paul: a ’67 Corvair Monza, for sale outside a volunteer fire station on FM 2920 in northwest Houston. I imagine the fake wires will have to go, however.

1968 Chrevrolet short-bed pickup Victoria TX

More pickup patina, in the form of a ’67 (thanks, Junqueboi) C-10 short-bed, in Victoria, TX.

1970 Chevrolet Caprice Lynchburg TX 16 Jun 12_1000

By contrast with an earlier photo, the ’70 full-size line are among my least favorite Chevys, but this Caprice two-door hardtop is undeniably in good shape. The sign on the side reads “Vintage Chevrolet Club on Tour”, and it was spotted (in driving rain) in the parking lot of a restaurant along the Houston Ship Channel, in Lynchburg, TX.

1974 Chevrolet Impala Rayford Rd 20120212_1000

This ’74 Impala sedan encapsulates the Curbside Classic ethos, does it not? Beat up but driveable, and a model that was once common as dirt but now has almost vanished. Found on Rayford Road, just outside the Woodlands, TX.

1979 Chevy Camaro Z28_1000

A ’79 Camaro Z-28, in its time the dream car of mullet-wearing small-town youth everywhere. Photographed on a stinking hot July day in Montgomery, TX.

1986 Chevy Caprice  Wagon Spring TX_1000

Can’t do without a representative B-body. This ’86 Caprice station wagon is taking the sun in Spring, TX.

1990-94 Chevy Lumina Spring 1000

In the same parking lot in Spring, but on a different day, this profile shows off the awkward lines of the first-generation Lumina. Early W-bodies don’t get much love here and one can understand why, but someday, probably fairly soon, we won’t have them to kick around any more.

 1993-96 Chevy Caprice Taxi Mcallen TX  Sep 03

Wrapping things up, a spot of color, in the form of a ’93-’96 Caprice ‘Whale’ in taxi service in McAllen, TX. This photo dates back to 2003 or so.

See the USA in your Chevrolet, you bet.