CC Outtake: A Four-Fer; Only One Of Them Is A New CC Find

CC 227 044 1200

Well, that’s hardly the first time four CCs have made it into one shot of mine. And three of these cars have been featured here before. Can you guess which one was the real catch?

The Isuzu I-Mark diesel had its CC here. I first shot it some years ago, and it’s still at it, although a bit worse for a recent accident. I’m wondering if it’s days are numbered. I’ll be very sorry to not hear it clattering around town anymore.

The Volvo 740 Turbo wagon is one of many here; I’ve shot this one before, but Jim Klein wrote his up here.

The remnant of a 1920’s car sitting on the grass strip next to Sam Bond’s Garage was featured here very early on, and I’m not sure it ever got properly identified. Maybe now that we have more readers, someone will ID it properly.

CC 227 046 1200

It’s this E12 528i that really caught my eye, as I’ve yet to find one on the streets here. The E28 is still plentiful, and we’ve done at least two here; a 528e and a 535i. But no E12, to date. I’ve added it to my to-do list, which keeps getting longer, not shorter. Sound familiar?  Is there someone out there who had one of these, and would like to write up their memories with it? If so, send the text to  I’d love to scratch it off my list.