CC Outtake: A Genuine International Tow Mater

CC 227 148 1200

This past Sunday was spent like so many others this time of year: hiking in the Cascades in the Oakridge/Westfir area, followed by a visit to Brewer’s Union Local 180, for hamburgers and their keg-conditioned ale on the sidewalk patio. There’s also a very healthy sprinkling of CCs in Oakridge, but this old International tow truck caught my eye as we were leaving.

CC 227 150

We’ve had some discussion here in the past as to which exact truck was the inspiration for Tow Mater. The answer is none, exactly, but the closest is an amalgamation of the Chevy Loadmaster Task Force (’55’-57) and the International series before this one, with the high-set single headlights. But this one is genuine, and not trying to be anything other than what it is. And Eric will undoubtedly chime in and tell us exactly what year and series. Looks to be from the mid sixties to me.

CC 227 151 1200

This truck is the one that was used to start this business, which has grown and prospered over the decades. And the owner is not about to give it up, even if it hasn’t towed anything in some time.

CC 227 152 1200

Gotta’ love that shifter and all of its bends. This interior is strictly business class, right down to those gauges. I bet this truck could tell some stories.

CC 227 149 1200