CC Outtake: A Minor EV

Here’s another car found at the Oregon Country Fair: an electric Morris Minor. I know that any old light car without power steering and brakes makes a good EV conversion candidate, so this isn’t really anything that special. But I can’t resist the major charms of an old Minor; gassy or electric. I do have a full set in the can of another one awaiting its CC, so consider this an electrifying warm-up.

The “British VW” was Alec Issigonis’ first big hit, and a very enduring one. Built from 1948 all the way to 1971, it was both advanced and pragmatic, a balance that BMC/BL would struggle with for the rest of its life. It became the first British car to reach and exceed the one-million mark. And it was always a fun drive, essentially a four-door MG Midget, with which it ended up sharing its drive train and other components.

This rather old one. a 1954, has ditched its 803 cc Austin A-block for 28 hp DC motor and 39 100 amp lithium ion batteries, with a pretty healthy range. Li-ion prices have come down to the point where they’re increasingly becoming the default for EV conversions. I’m sure Mike Butts can add more…