CC Outtake: A Non-Rolling GMC Pickup Gathers Moss

CC 241 029 1200

The tell-tale that this GMC pickup hasn’t moved in a while is all-too obvious. Not only is it growing moss, but so is the street under it.

CC 241 025 1200

And it’s not just moss; there’s lichens and this very lovely black scum or whatever it is, which seems to be thriving in the area around the fuel tank fillers, no less.

CC 241 028 1200

Of which there seem to be three, no less.

CC 241 035 1200

Even the Brahma bull is growing green fur.

CC 241 034 1200

Presumably, the Jimmy used to tow the boat in the side yard, once upon a time. Wonder how long it’s been? Actually, probably not all that long, since it’s only moss on the street. I’ve seen tall grass growing where the moss has been there long enough to create enough “soil” for grass to grow.

In Eugene, street parking is technically limited to 48 hours, but is only enforced in response to a complaint. And no good neighbor will do that, as long as the offending vehicle is on front of the owner’s house.