CC Outtake: AMC-Powered ’35 Chevy Dirt-tracker – Role Reversal

I’m not a big expert on the world of roundy-round dirt-track racing, but the few times I went ages ago, Chevy V8s were almost ubiquitous. Now I have very fond memories of watching, and most of all, hearing a wild 1948 Buick snort around the quarter-mile fairgrounds oval at some small Iowa town in the early seventies. The sound of its bellowing straight eight still haunts me all these years later. It couldn’t quite keep up with the younger sbc-powered machines (almost all tri-five Chevies), but what a show that big Buick it put on.

Anyway, this ’35 Chevy sitting in an industrial lot caught my attention, with the hand lettering on the hood: AMC 232. That’s pleasantly unpredictable.

There it is, with three jugs on what must surely be a Clifford manifold. The AMC sixes have had a following from since they arrived in 1965, and their rugged construction and decent breathing (for the genre) make them suitable for plenty of power increases. Plenty of  warmed-over 258s in Jeeps, and such, and their torque is hard stop. But a dirt-track racer…