CC Outtake: Another Oval On The Go, But Neither Original Nor Under Its Own Power

2014 004 1200

Having just caught an original oval-window VW on the go recently, here goes another, but not under its own power. The tow rig is a nice vintage GMC too. Now this oval window is hardly original; it’s a custom, including an extended front end, something I’m not familiar with. The wide whitewalls and some other aspects made me wonder briefly if this was perhaps a genuine vintage custom from a distant era.

2014 007 1200

That thought didn’t last long. It may have sat for a while, but undoubtedly those reproduction tires don’t exactly date back to the fifties, even if they don’t quite look fresh. And me thinks that the front end job is a more recent phenomena, as I don’t seem to remember seeing that, although I hardly hang around the custom VW set.

2014 008 1200

Getting a good shot of the front end was hard, while on the go. It’s the VW suspension, but mounted further forward reversed, and lowered some too. Maybe Adam will enlighten us further.