CC Outtake: Another Vintage VW (Squareback) Daily Driver – Hardware

CC 240 121 1200

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at a VW Beetle daily driver. I mentioned then that there’s still a healthy number of old air-cooled Veedubs in front line service, so I’m going to document some of them. I’ve seen the squareback 1600 being driven by its youngish owner a number of times, and seeing it at the hardware store inspired me to shoot it. This is serious hardware.

What tells me that this VW is getting appropriate attention are the wheels. Although they look stock, the rims are wider than stock, to mount some beefier rubber. Stock VW rims are absurdly narrow, and wider rims and tires are a key step to improving handling. probably makes getting tires easier too, although I can’t imagine a world in which 165-15 tires are no longer available.