CC Outtake: Autumnal Firebird In Front Of The Former Hudson Dealership

CC 212 011 925

This bronze Firebird sitting in a pile of matching leaves caught my eye. It looks like the vintage louvers are catching the leaves too. From the looks of the markings on the tires, it’s been sitting still here a bit longer than it’s supposed to. And since Mike Butts posted a picture of the Hudson dealership the other day, I now know what this blue building used to be.

Hudson dealer Eugeneimage courtesy:

The Firebird is sitting right about where that Hudson Hornet hardtop coupe sat in 1955. Now it’s “Cozmic Pizza”, a popular venue for live entertainment.  If I ever find the time, I’d like to identify all the old former car dealerships in Eugene with before and after shots.

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I don’t remember seeing this exact type of louver before, with the little triple windows on the side. Looks like there’s a moisture problem inside, given all the condensation. And the paint is showing some interesting signs of age too. Well, this is hardly a youngster anymore.

CC 212 012 925

More markings on the front tires. If this Firebird didn’t under its own power soon, it was bound to be hauled off.