CC Outtake: Beretta GTZ – Better Late Than Early

I’m a little late to the Beretta party, but probably just as well, as the less I say about them, the better, depending on your POV. But I just remembered this Beretta GTZ that I shot in the Bay Area a while back. But I know this was the hot one, with a 180 hp Olds Quad Four under the hood and a Getrag five-speed. As in 0-60 in 7.6 seconds, all the while pinning the dB meter. Quick and noisy, for the times.

The 3.1 L V6 was also available, but only with the three-speed automatic, and was thus slower. This one has the 2.3 Thrash-Four, undoubtedly.

Obviously, a Chevy lover lives here.