CC Outtake: Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham – Bigger Is Better


That Cimarron convertible sure was an interesting find…but maybe you’re looking for something a little bigger. Something in which you and five other passengers can really stretch out your legs and sink your butts into soft, cushy velour or leather. Well, last week I passed this pristine Fleetwood Brougham, whose sparkling “Antique Saddle” body was topped with a gold elk-grain vinyl roof.

Because I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of the grille, I’m not sure of its exact model year (Cadillac experts, help me out) I can, however, attest that it is indeed a “Fleetwood Brougham”, which pegs the MY as 1986, at the latest. I spotted the car as I was leaving Whole Foods, and followed it for several miles until the driver, unfortunately, made a right turn just after I snapped this picture. If I’d been able to see the grille, perhaps I’d have had a better idea of the MY.

So if you live by the philosophy that “Bigger is Better”, then this is the 1980s Cadillac for you.