Dealership Classic: Casa de Cadillac Restored To Its Full 1949 Glory

casa de cadillac 106

After some comments about Casa de Cadillac, CC reader Don W. sent me a link to an article about the recent restoration of that landmark on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks (LA). This classic early-googie  style building was built in 1949, with the same font style as used on that year’s new Cadillacs.There was a “huge fight” with Cadillac about keeping the block-lettering “CADILLAC” neon sign on the tower, as it’s obviously not the one currently used. But in the end, GM relented, and the old-school signage will blaze into the future as it has for so many decades. Here’s how it looked at Christmas 1955 at night:

Casa de Cadillac _Christmas 1955

Wouldn’t you like to step into that picture?

Casa de Cadillac 1959

Or would you rather pick up a 1959? Casa de Cadillac has been in the same family since the early sixties, and is now being run by the second generation.

CC 47 079 900

Here’s how that script looked on the cars, this being from the 1950 Cadillac Series 61 coupe.

Casa de Cadillac int

The original terazzo floors have been kept, and new thick windows in the original size have replaced the smaller ones installed after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

casa de petrol dual906

The original owners also had two other “casas” on the same corner; the Casa de Cascade Car Wash, and the Casa de Petrol, famous for being the site of James Dean’s last pit stop before he headed north to his death in his Porsche in 1955.

Needless to say, I passed by the casa quite a few times during our brief residence in the beautiful San Fernando Valley, and am glad to see that Cadillac relented on its sign. I wouldn’t have wanted to write this up as a DS!