CC Outtake: Cavalier Convertible – All That Glitters Is Not Gold

(first published 3/14/2012)   Cavaliers: of course they’re rugged and long lasting. How else did I come about having at least a dozen in my files? The only one I don’t have, and am still looking for, is the first year (’82) with the 1.8 engine. Like most GM cars, they did get better after a decade (or two) to iron out the worst bugs. But the 1982 with the OHV 1.8 was truly a stinker. And when I find one, I’ll do it justice. BTW, I actually saw a ’82 Cimarron with the 1.8 in traffic one day, but I was walking. Now that’s a rare find. Anyway, I will share with you the most exotic of my Cavaliers, a gold-on-black convertible. Maybe someone will tell me the year; I can’t be bothered right now. Actually, the convertible roof makes this car look better.

That profile is not bad; reminds me a bit of the angular handsomeness of the ’77 Seville rag-top conversions, which looked quite decent having ditched the fake and abruptly-cut off vinyl roof. I don’t know what GM’s long fascination with vertical rear windows was, but it was unfortunately done on way too many cars (not the Cavalier; I’m digressing).

Ah yes, that distinctive vertical ribbed vinyl on the J-car front door; how deeply that is impressed in the memory. The steering wheel has lost most of its color, but than it has been a quarter century.

Wonder how much someone paid for this when it was new?