CC Outtake: Chevrolet Behind The Former Barn Find

Chevy pickup - 1

Turning an old T-farm into a mansion type of house, that’s quite an impressive home improvement job. The stables and sheds behind the former farmhouse have been demolished, what was left of them has been removed from the yard. The whole renovation is an ongoing, long-term project.

Chevy pickup - 2

At the back side of the main building, there was this classic Chevrolet workhorse. No license plates to check out, so I leave it to the CC-commentariat to determine what this is all about. Who knows, maybe someone can even tell us what the original owner’s favorite beer was (or still is).

Chevy pickup - 3

Eight lug nuts, if that is of any importance.

Chevy pickup - 4

Another point of view, now with the Chevy in a more hidden spot.

Chevy pickup - 5

The truck bed seems to be tired. That compact, single axle trailer is a fine example of what folks typically use here to haul stuff around town. It can be hooked up to anything, from a sub-compact hatchback to an old pickup truck.