CC Outtake: One-Owner Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon – Still Hauling The Goods As Well As The Looks


CC 250 075 1200

(first posted 7/28/2015. I still see it regularly)     I shot this Caprice wagon at Jerry’s, our local home-town anti-Home Depot, where I’ve been a frequent visitor the past few weeks. I hadn’t planned to post it, but then yesterday’s LTD CV wagon forced my hand. I know….I’ve been on this pro-GM B-Body, anti-box Panther jihad way too long. But looking at that Ford wagon yesterday, I just have to show it off and rub it in the LTD’s face wire wheel covers a bit.

Ford 1986 LTD CV wagon

Panther lovers, no offense intended, and I love these cars as the survivors that they are. But Ford’s attempt to clone the ’77 Chevrolet came off amateurish, at best. From the too-short wheelbase, the overly-large wheel openings not filled enough with too-small of wheels and tires, to the fact that Ford cheaped out and used the sedan rear doors, which made the transition at the C Pillar to the wider rear cargo area on the outside very crude, and then there’s the weird double trim around the side windows, which look they were designed to have storm windows attached. And then of course there’s those Pep Boy grade wire wheel covers…I’ve said plenty on that subject already, but they are the all-time worst factory wheel covers.

family truckster-660

I know this is all nit-picking, but for someone who cares about design, these are just a bit painful to look at. I try to appreciate them for what they are, but I have to not look too closely. There is a reason it was chosen to play this role.

CC 250 076 1200

Whew; that’s better. It’s one thing to favor a boxier approach to styling, for the obvious packaging benefits. It’s another thing to actually build a…box.

CC 250 081 1200

It’s carrying some long pieces there.

CC 250 078 1200

This is a very well-kept car.


CC 250 084 1200

Its owner arrived just then, with more goods to slide into the back of his beloved wagon, which not surprisingly, he’s owned since day one. And there’s no doubt it’s the last car he’ll ever own. It still hauls; the goods as well as the looks.



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