CC Outtake: Chevrolet Lumina With Very Mysterious Load On Roof

CC 200 005 900

In Eugene, I’m used to seeing many odd things. But this is just about the oddest and most mysterious curbside scene I’ve yet come across. At first glance from across  distance, it didn’t quite register what was really up there. But then I went in for a closer look:

CC 200 006 900

This a a very bizarre assemblage of items, from a piece of metal conduit, to lots of wire and and computer cases, and more.

CC 200 012 900

The items are all quite loose, and would look like they’d go flying off.  But they’re wired together, and they’ve obviously been there for a while while being driven, as the many deep scratches in the paint attest.

CC 200 008 900

Here’s the view from the rear. There’s several art cars in Eugene, but if that’s what this is, it’s taking it to a new level.

CC 200 009 900

I decided to take a peek into the back seat, and there’s a somewhat similar theme of randomness going on too, and the seat itself is missing. What am I missing?

CC 200 003 900

Time to move on, and ponder life’s little mysteries.