CC Outtake: Chevrolet M1009 Military Blazer – The Army Buys An SUV

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(first posted 4/11/2013)     We recently had a Blazer CC, but it barely touched on the military version, the M1009 built between 1984 and 1987. The Blazer version was just one member of the Chevy CUCV (Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle) family, which also included 1¼ ton pickups, ambulances, and other body types. The Blazer was rated at ¾ ton, with a heavier duty suspension and axles than the civilian version.

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They were not designed for front-line use, but as cheap wheels for various support roles (no armor). They fulfilled that role well enough. But they did all have NATO-compliant 24V electrical systems, although really it was a split 12/24V affair. The starter was 24 volts, and there were two 12 v batteries, as well as twin 12v alternators (that’s what wikipedia says!). But the rest of the truck kept the 12 v system, and changing out the starter and ditching a battery turns it back to a civilian grade straight 12v system.

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Power is supplied by an un-smogged Detroit Diesel-designed 6.2 L GM diesel V8, making 155 hp, whose torque is fed through a TH-400 transmission.

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This one has gone vegan; the insulated veggie-oil tank is quite clearly visible under the bumper. I got a confirmation of that from the driver a couple of lights down the road, when he pulled a camera out and pointed it at me!