CC Outtake: Chevrolet S10 2WD – Nomad Wanna Be?

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Chevy S10 Blazers with two-wheel drive and often lowered and customized have been a popular staple for, well, decades. They were particularly popular with Latinos when I lived in California. Is there any particular reason other than that it invokes the classic Chevy tri-five Nomad?

chevrolet 1955 nomad  wiki

Frankly, I’m surprised Chevy didn’t offer a Nomad package for the baby Blazer. That storied name was recycled quite a few times, and with a little slanted filler piece in the front window, it would have been a reasonable shot at milking the Nomad legend a bit more.

The ’55 Nomad was a very important milestone in the collapse of the Sloanian price structure of the GM divisions, perhaps the most important one. Priced at $2608, it was $7 more expensive than a Buick Century Riviera hardtop! That’s deep into Buick territory.

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