CC Outtake: Chevrolet SSR – Did They Really Make These?

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GM was famous for its “dream cars” during the Motorama years. But the SSR is a different kind of dream car, at least for me. I sometimes have very intense visual dreams with cars in them, inevitably bizarre, a combination of mash-ups of real cars and “original” but Dali-esque images. When I encounter an SSR, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not fast asleep.

Bob Lutz and SSR

The SSR is a classic Bob Lutz-mobile; a showy and flashy toy from a guy who always had to have the biggest and best toys. What’s practicality got to do with cars anyway? Of course there’s some truth to that, but it’s all a matter of degrees. And the SSR pretty much takes the cake when it comes to being impractical. And as well as some other Lutz-dream-mobiles, it didn’t sell; some 24k found homes, undoubtedly with white males between the age of 55 and 68. (Update: 2004 MY sales of 9000 units were “below expectations”, and after inventories ballooned to a 301 day supply, the Craft Center was shut down for some time to try to bring inventories down).

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This SSR may be sitting among other pickups, but that name doesn’t really apply. Has anyone ever taken the lid off their SSR? I mean the “bed cover”, not the retracting top.

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Am I awake yet?