CC Outtake: Chevy Van Ex-School Bus – You Really Want To See This?

CC 230 073 1200

On our walk the other night, we walked by this old Chevy school-bus van and I never broke my gait. Stephanie asked “Don’t you want to shoot it?”   “Who would want to see this?”   “I think it’s cool; you should shoot it”.  Ok…So who’s right; me or her? Never mind; I should know better than to ask that question. So here it is, in its full glory.

CC 230 074 1200

It does make a nice budget camper, what with all those opening windows and that high roof. Although this one doesn’t seem to have too much done to it, yet, except for the paint job. I suspect that’s what really caught her eye.

CC 230 075 1200

In fact, it seems to have at least some of its seats still intact. These vans had seating that squeezed two kids on seat on either side of a single aisle, with a front door opened by the driver just like in a real bus.

So there you have it? So was it worth stopping for? Better say yes, as you-know-who will be reading this.