CC Outtake: Chrysler Royal AP3 (AUS) Hearse – GRAVEDGR

Chrysler AUS Royal hearse srq 1200

CC Contributor William Stopford posted pictures of this very impressive Chrysler Royal (AP3) hearse at the Cohort. These late fifties Australian Royals are unusual enough as it is, what with their 1954 Plymouth body hiding between modernized front and rear ends.  But this final AP3 version, with its 1959 DeSoto-ish fins and taillights, along with that hearse body makes this quite a sight.

Chrysler AUS Royal hearse fr 800

Yes, these Australian Royals, which first appeared in 1957, was a 1954 Plymouth Cranbrook with some updates to make it look a bit more modern. And the final series, which this AP4 is, was built from 1960 all the way into 1964. They came as a six, which was the venerable 230 CID Chrysler flathead, or a 313 CID polysherical head V8. No, that’s not a typo; for Canadian and export markets, there was a 313 CID (5.1 L) version that was otherwise essentially identical the more familiar 318 CID poly V8 (A Block). A slightly smaller bore made the difference. Don’t ask why, because I suspect there’s no one out there that can give us a logical answer.

Chrysler AUS Royal hearse side 800

The two-speed Powerflite automatic was available in the first two series, and in this AP3, the Torqueflite was the automatic choice.

Chrysler AUS Royal hearse rr 800

Here’s the business end. I like the license plate numerals; appropriate, eh?

Chrysler AUS Royal hearse ff 800

I had to crop the image to make sure I was reading the letters on the hood right. It obviously isn’t “Chrysler”.