CC Outtake: Colorful Altima

CC 252 017 1200

Eugenians like to celebrate their colorful lives, in so many ways. This past weekend, it was the Oregon Country Fair, with over 52k attending the largest celebration of hippie culture. We skipped this year, as it gets a bit familiar and crowded. But there are other ways to celebrate, like driving a colorful car, like this Altima.

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I’ve been documenting the custom painted cars of Eugene since the beginning, and this is one of the better efforts. This house attracts cars of this sort, as it was right here that perhaps the very best of its kind, the famous Buick Century Brougham de Baroque Turquoise and Gold Edition was found and shot. I’m afraid this Altima rather pales in comparison.

CC 252 015 1200

Kudos for turning those ugly plastic wheel covers into something worth looking at.

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Stephanie is jealous; she’s been hankering for something a bit more colorful than white on her TSX wagon for some time. Maybe a hot pink Plasti-Dip.