CC Outtake: Concrete Towing 52 hp Diesel Rabbit

I arrived at this scene a bit late to know how full the trailer was when it first arrived. But who says you need more than a 52 hp Diesel Rabbit/Golf to pull it? It was probably rated for at least 1500 lbs. I can’t even find a rating capacity for a new VW Golf. It’s a part of the Great American Anti-Towing Conspiracy. Which reminds me: I need to re-run that piece here. Here’s the Rabbit from the front, which the owner told me was a 1984. He used to have a Vanagon, but “traded it in” on this one-owner ’84. We’ll do a full CC on the pioneering VW diesels soon. BTW, that Coleman utility trailer is a perfect vintage match to the Rabbit, a double CC.