CC Outtake: Contrasting Contemporary Coupes

I found this pairing irresistible, although we’ll have to leave for Outtake status for today. I’ve done the Pulsar before, and the SL is going to have to wait a bit longer. But the pairing of these contemporary yet so different coupes stopped me in my tracks on our thrice-weekly jaunt to the Y (notice I didn’t say they stopped both of us).  Well, they do share certain similarities, but to whatever extent that may be, that ends abruptly at their front ends:

Well, they were sold at the some time for a few years, but by 1983 or so, the R107 was well into its old age, having arrived back in 1971.

Curiously enough, their hind quarters show the most similarity, but then just about every car sold for some twenty years had those rectangular taillights below the trunk lid like that. Exactly which car started that trend anyway?