CC Outtake: Could This Be A Trio Of Future CCs?

4-26-2013 027 (800x533)

Several months ago I was wandering around near the Rock River during flood season, looking for CCs. As the banks had flooded the road, all of the nearby homeowners were parked on the access road. Walking back to the car, I saw these three late-model cars and just had to take a picture. All are cars that are rarely seen around here–a PT Cruiser convertible, a well-preserved Cav Z24, and a final-gen Eclipse.

And before you J-car fanciers get all wound up over my calling a Cavalier rare, let me tell you that most Cavaliers around here are the el cheapo verison and either pretty worn out or boy-racer modified–even the final-year ’05s. I am guessing that the owner of the burnt-orange example here is the original owner, as it was mint. And the PT–could Michael Scott have moved to Illinois from Scranton?

So, which one would you pick: the PT, the Cav or the Mitsubishi? Or one of the kayaks, perhaps?