CC Outtakes: The 190’s Predecessor

CC 215 101 925

I use that title lightly, because this isn’t really a 190, but a 200. And although there was a 190 W110, it wasn’t really the W201 190’s predecessor. The W210 190 had no predecessor or precedent, as Mercedes charted new territory with it, at least in more recent times. There’s a few of these Flossen four cylinder cars still about:

CC 146 169

Here’s a 200D in front of our library. In fact, all three of these cars are 200Ds, thanks to the Bio-diesel wave that brought so many to town. It’s double cool to drive an old Mercedes (bio)diesel…

CC 21 027 925

This one must have come from salt country, as it shows signs of cancer, including a drooping floor.

CC 21 032 925

The interior still looks good. Imagine how slow this is when that air conditioner is turned on.

CC 21 031 925

That punch in the nose didn’t help either.