CC Outtake: Cuban Cadillac Park Avenue?

Now we all know that Cadillac made a short-deck version of its Series 62 sedan from 1961 to 1963, the Park Avenue. But there was never a 1959 version. Or was there?

Here is a standard Series 62 four-door hardtop. Familiar proportions, yes? Well, this is most likely what our featured car looked like once upon a time…

Cohort contributor Flat-Black66, who posted some very cool photos back in February, also ran across this very unusual Cadillac during his visit. As many cars in Cuba are modified to carry as many passengers (and thus fares) as possible, this ’59 now looks to be a seven or eight passenger vehicle.

If you combined a 1959 Series 75 and a 1961 Park Avenue, I think this is what you would get. Thanks for sharing these pics, Flat-Black66!