CC Outtake: Is That A Panhard In My Rear View Mirror?

Classic cars come out in full force on the first real warm day of spring. Saturday was full of cars windows and tops down from the past, but this has to be the most unexpected thing I’ve ever seen in the rear view mirror. I scrambled and risked a ticket for my fellow curbsiders to get a snap of a Panhard PL 17 in my rear view mirror.

If the vintage auto blogging god up there likes me he’ll give me a second run in with this French oddity that was behind me on Alcatraz Street that evening.

Like Paul, quirky, innovative and European gets my blood going just as much as a crisply styled Bill Mitchell era General Motors product, and someday (soon) we’ll hopefully get to go into this air cooled flat twin sedan that was capable of 40mpg and 85mph. But until then… objects that are closer than they may appear will have to suffice.