CC Outtake: Custom Peugeot 404 – Pininfarina Would Spin In His Grave

Peugeot 404 Petit-Bourg Guadeloupe_435568728_n

Peugeotphile Dawid Botha sent me shots of this customized 404, from the Caribbean Island of Guadalupe. Breathtaking! It’s something I might expect to meet in a dream after reading too many Brougham CCs before bed. And I’ve saved the best for last, as the back end has received even more lavish attention than the front.

Peugeot 404 Petit-Bourg Guadeloupe_1310915474_n

Those high-mounted taillights on the C Pillar are lifted straight from a Citroen DS. But the primary taillights are also very different from the originals, and obviously borrowed from a donor mobile, whose name I cannot quite pin down at this late hour. But one of you will. They sure look familiar. Lancia?

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