CC Outtake: Death And Transfiguration

CC 240 020 1200

We walk by this mural all the time, which keeps changing and getting updated by its artist. I’ve just been waiting for the right car to be in front of it to shoot it, and here it is: an art car in front of the art.

CC 240 021 1200

I suppose I should let you see the mural a bit better before we look at the car. As with all our images, click it for full size. Plenty of symbolism, buy I’ve never heard it explained as to the specifics.

CC 240 025 1200

I presume the explanation for this curious grafted-on fastback was because of some rear-end damage, but like the mural, I’m not going to try to explain it in detail either.

CC 240 026 1200

The mural on the hood doesn’t need much deciphering or explanation. Nor the irony of it being a Toyota.

CC 240 027 1200

Death and mysticism on a rainy day instead of another beige Corolla and a drab old building. That’s worth stopping for.