CC Outtake: Dodge A100 Pickup – Shoot

Shoot, literally; while I’m trotting to catch this Dodge A100 pickup. I though for sure it was going to park, but it kept going. And so did I. I’ve been wanting to do a CC on one of these for a long time, but it’s looks like it may not going to be today. Trot, trot, trot…

I almost catch up with it. Folks are always driving around this little half block to find a parking spot for the County Courthouse and Offices. Maybe on the other side of the street. I had an A100 van, which will appear as a CC one of these days. But the pickups were much less common. As is all-too obvious, weight distribution on these rigs is atrocious. I wonder what the actual percentages are? Anybody know?

He wasn’t looking for a spot, but just staging himself to pick up someone at the curb. She was probably paying her property taxes, the deadline for which was yesterday. Three guesses why I was heading there too. The landlord’s least favorite day of the year. 🙁   Shoot.