CC Outtake: Dodge Rampage – Losing The Battle To Big Pickups And Moss

CC 241 183 1200

This winter was exceptionally dry and warm, so the moss probably didn’t make much progress this year in its goal of eventually enveloping this Dodge Rampage, vintage 1982 or so. I wonder how many years it’s been since it started growing?

CC 241 184 1200

The air intakes on the slope-nose plastic grille so much in fashion at the time are getting plugged up.

CC 241 185 1200

Never mind the wipers; they’re totally entombed. The moss has already dried out and gone dormant for the year, and is hoping for a longer growing season next winter.

CC 241 186 1200

On the north side, there’s still enough shade and condensation to keep it green, for now. The lichen adds a bit of contrasting texture.

For those not familiar with these little pickups, they were based on the Horizon/Omni coupe versions, had an extended wheelbase, and were rated for 1174 lbs. Powered was by the 2.2 L Chrysler OHC four. They were designed to compete with the VW pickup, but the car-based pickup market turned out to be a very short-lived phenomena in the US. VW shipped theirs off to Europe, where it became (and still is) The Caddy. Chrysler pulled the plug after just three years.