CC Outtake: Eldorado Doral – It’s Cool, But What’s A Doral?

Sometimes folks are a bit shy or self-conscious about having their car shot for CC. Like the owner of this Eldorado Doral. He’s a young guy (in background), who lives in the hipster Whitaker District. I’m seeing more and more older American cars there, but this is the first Eldorado there (of this vintage) and definitely the first Doral. What is a Doral, anyway? Hey. it’s cool; you’ve got a very rare car there.

Looks like a dealer installed package; I can just make out the “by E & G” there. So what’s Doral stand for? The City in Florida? That would make a certain amount of sense.

But then there’s this ad of a woman driving what’s surely a Cadillac. I know; who cares? Doral, sounds right, especially coming right after Eldorado.Anyway, the owner feels a bit less self-conscious about his Eldo now, knowing it’s a rarity. I didn’t mislead him, did I?