CC Outtake: Escaped Christmas Tree Ornament Found On The Oregon Coast

CC 217 106 1200

Our family celebrates on Christmas Eve, which leaves the kids free to go celebrate with their SO’s families on the actual day. And that leaves us free to head for the coast for the afternoon, and get out from under the cold, wet blanket of a valley fog. It’s become a bit of a tradition in its own right…but it’s hard to get totally away from Christmas tree ornaments, which is what this shiny bauble looked like to me as it burbled into the otherwise deserted parking lot at the end of the South Jetty, overlooking the Suislaw River inlet near Florence. Of course now I had to find out if there really was a ’59 Chevy Christmas ornament.

Chevrolet 1959 Xmas ornomant

Sure enough, but in the El Camino body style. Well, that is about the only one more flamboyant than the convertible. But the color is right.

CC 217 105 1200

May your days be merry and bright…