Rolling Classic: Exhaustingly Hard To Find E12

Time for a new CC Category: Rolling Classics – sometimes that’s what it takes

It’s the little surprises that keep life interesting, even on a deadly dull cold gray day. There are gobs of E28 BMWs in town, but oddly, its E12 predecessor is a very scarce commodity. The one or two I’ve seen were on the go, never resting long enough for me to catch them. I suppose that’s a good sign, but still, I’d like to do have a full set for a CC. So when this one pulled up next to me at a light, I did what I rarely do: shoot on the go. But it wasn’t until I finally got on his other side that…well; notice anything missing back there?

Well, that’s a bit different. With my window open, I got the full aural benefit too. Somehow, I don’t think it would pass a safety check in Germany or even a few US states. Here anything goes.