CC Outtake – Festiva Brougham?

6-11 and 6-12-2013 003 (800x533)

Remember the Mazda 121 Ford Festiva? I got off one picture of this one while sitting at a red light last summer. It was in very nice shape, no rust, and even had the original monochromatic wheel covers–or are they alloys? Most of these I saw “back then” had steel wheels and black bumpers. Dare I suggest that this may be the elusive Festiva Brougham? Look, it even has fine Corinthian cowhide!

A high school friend of mine, Tasha (who I admit I had sort of a crush on), had one of these in black, a base model with the steel wheels and center caps. It had faded paint and a little rust but was a tough little car–this was in 1997-98. I liked her other car better though–a 1991 Camaro RS convertible in black with gray cloth. Now that car was sharp–mint condition too! But I’ll always have a soft spot for Festivas, thanks to her “winter beater.”

6-28-13 396 (800x533)

And now that I think about it, is the current Mazda 2 the modern-day version of this car? I rather like those, too. I was briefly quite interested in one this past spring and summer, but bought a Town Car instead. Go figure!