CC Outtake: 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine- In Vegas, Baby!

84 executive limosine

Paul discussed the folly of this “limousine” in an earlier posting: 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine- The Ultimate Eighties Folly, and there’s really not a lot more to say about this slightly mangled example of K-Car excess.

However, I found it in a Las Vegas parking about three miles from the strip, and find it ironic that this faux limousine is serving out its final days as a Sin City daily driver.

For many limousines, reaching the end of their service life also means reaching the end of their days. Too large and thirsty to serve as normal transportation, they end up parked in a back lot providing spare parts for its brethren, and then crushed for scrap value. However, the reduced size and reasonable fuel efficiency of this Curbside Classic seems to have propelled it into a second career, offering a Vegas denizen a comfortable ride to and from work.