CC Outtake: Fiat 500 K Giardiniera – Where’s The Giardiniera Version of the Current 500?

Fiat 500 G 1 001 925

CC’er AmazonRay was in Italy a while back, and sent me pictures of this Fiat 500 Giardiniera, the station wagon version of that little dwarf. When I say “sent me pictures”, I mean that in the old-fashioned way, as in prints in the mail. My scanner is not very good, so excuse the quality. But this is a car we have not seen yet at CC, so we’ll take the Giardinera any way we can, even with a new 500 intruding into the shot. That just goes to show how tiny the original was.

Fiat 500 G 3 001 925

The Giardiniera was the longest-running model of the 500, produced all the way through 1975, although the very latest versions actually carried Autobianchi badging, where most of these were actually built.

Fiat 500 G 4 001 700

The 500’s 17hp 499cc air-cooled twin had to be laid flat to make it work as a station wagon. That certainly improved its utility. If there was a modern  Giardiniera version of the current 500, I know someone in my house here who would be all over it. The current 500 just doesn’t have enough room in the back for the occasional bale of straw, a big dog or…Come on Fiat, the 500L just doesn’t cut it, cuteness wise. And we all know that’s what really counts.