CC Outtake: Golf Mk2 and ‘62.5 Falcon – So This Is Where You Two Live Currently

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Since a lot of younger folks tend to rent houses or just move around from time to time, it’s fun to see the where cars I’ve seen and shot around on the streets over the years end up. These two are some of my older finds; in fact the Falcon was one of the first cars I ever shot when I started CCing in 2009. And now here they are together; is it a romantic liaison between two CC drivers?

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Here’s the Falcon back in the early spring of 2009, when it lived in our neighborhood near my rental houses. And here’s its CC.

CC 117 047 800

And here’s the Golf, back in 2010, looking almost brand new. I never did a CC on it, but Perry Shoar did a splendid Golf Mk2 CC here.

CC 243 053 1200

I haven’t seen either one in a couple of years, so it does my heart good to see them both again, and together even.

CC 243 054 1200

Most likely the Golf is the DD, and the Falcon is getting some rest these days, and under a carport too. What a luxury.

CC 243 055 1200

The 1962 Falcon Futura got a new formal T-Birdish roof in April of 1962, a time of year that Ford increasingly saw as a very good one to introduce new or revised models. In April of 1963, Ford went the other direction, and introduced the semi-fastback Sprint and Galaxie 500 XL. And in April of 1964, it was the Mustang. Maybe Lee Iacocca was consulting an astrologer?

This one has a three-on-the-tree, but a Ford UK-sourced four speed floor-shifted manual was optional, but not commonly seen. That was the way to go to coax some sportiness out of the Falcon’s wheezy little sixes.

CC 243 057 1200

The Futura badge is affixed with what looks like a pop rivet. The good old days.

CC 243 059 1200

The Falcon’s tail is exposed to the elements, but the elements here are relatively benign.

CC 243 052 1200

I didn’t take a lot of shots of the Golf. It’s picked up a bit of a minor scar on its rear wheel opening, but still looks very solid. I’m a bit surprised to see it still wearing those full wheel covers. Were those even available on European Mk2s? They seem to be a bit of a hold-over from the Westmoreland Malibu-Rabbit days.

I see these as quite compatible garage mates. And hopefully I’ll be able to do another update on them in 2021.