CC Outtake: Greetings From Paris and the The French Riviera

Paris Ted Riviera 1200

Son Ed and his GF are roughing it in Paris for a week. He sent me this shot, which is evocative in more ways than one. It reminds me of the wonderful week we had there in 2010. And of how many American cars I saw there, which is not surprising, given the long-time love of American culture by the French. And the particulars of this Riviera are what I would expect, inasmuch as it reflects a rather European sensibility, with its stark black paint and black-wall tires; a gaudy car, toned down as much as possible.

It also reminds me of a similar all-black new 1969 Dodge Monaco that sat around the corner of our former house in Innsbruck the summer I was there in 1969. It shocked me the first time I saw it; it really stood out; not only against all the tiny Fiat 850s and such, but also the architecture; as does this Riviera. It seemed both bigger than life, as well as handsomer than it looked back home. Maybe it’s just the context; knowing that it was out of its usual milieu.

I’m not going to show all of my shots form Paris in 2010, except for one, since it’s also a big, brash American car:

CC Paris 3 020 Hummer

And it really looks out of context. Should have been black, though.