CC Outtake: Help! That Big Mean Panther Just Stole My Grille!

CC 215 026 925

Camouflage or mimicry happens extensively in nature, as a defensive measure. Given the high number of old Volvos in Eugene, I suppose I can’t totally blame this Panther for wanting to fit in. But it’s taken the camo thing a bit far, don’t you think?

CC 215 025 925

Here’s the funny thing about this scene: I didn’t notice the Volvo grille on that CV until I was just now looking at the picture at home. All I saw was the camo and the teeth added to that bull/push bar or whatever it is. When I’m looking at the camera screen, I’m seeing the shot, not the details. Plus we were in a hurry.

CC 215 026 925

And I certainly hadn’t noticed the Volvo next it appears to be missing its grille.