CC Outtake: High Jacked

These late-seventies Dodge RVs are a favorite with the…home-on-wheels crowd. Eugene is pretty tolerant about them, especially in certain neighborhoods, and we have a program where folks can park them for a few weeks at a time in designated places. But this one was in a downtown parking lot after hours, and being administered to. Must have required attention right then and there, although no one was around; at the parts store? What caught my eye was a profusion of jacks and stands under there. Time for a closer look.

Looks like the radiator was getting drained; a familiar task on my same-vintage Chinook when I had a two water pumps go bad, because of an out-of balance fan clutch. But why all the jacking up? There’s gobs of room to work under there. In fact, I don’t carry a jack in the Chinook; nor a spare tire, as a matter of fact (unless I’m heading to Mexico). It’s just too heavy to bother; both to try jacking, and the spare. Ten years and no need yet. I should not have written that.