CC Outtake: Hindustan Ambassador Spotted In Calgary

Hindustani Ambassador fq

The Hindustan Ambassador is in some ways the ultimate CC, having been built for some sixty years, until just last year. Roger Carr recently gave us the full history of how the 1955 Morris Oxford eventually found its way to India, where it became an institution. And now it seems folks are picking them up and bringing them to new homes, this one in Calgary, Alberta, where CC reader DS23pallas spotted it near his apartment. 

Hindustani Ambassador rear

The is a Mark 4, which was built from 1979 to 1989. This was the last generation of the Amby to be powered by the original BMC B-Series 1.5 L four, in gas or diesel versions. In 1990, an Isuzu 1.7 L four replaced the venerable B-series engine.

Hindustani Ambassador int

Here’s a view into the driver’s compartment.

Hindustan Ambassador hood

It’s nice to see that folks love these enough to ship them home and give them a new life on another continent. We ship our cars to Europe, and bring in one from India. Globalization at work.