CC Outtake: 1991 Honda Accord Suburb Squire – It’s One Thing To Build Hondas In The Midwest; It’s Another Thing To Sell Them There

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Honda’s efforts to make inroads in the already-shrinking midsize (read: Taurus) wagon market was not very long-lived (like Toyota’s with its Camry). Two generations is all it took to realize that the minivan was the way forward (of course they bungled that too at first). Given that the Accord wagon was only built in Ohio, Honda decided it needed to do something to make its wagon more appealing to the Midwest contingent. The result was the very short-lived Accord Suburb Squire, sold only in the heartland states. I feel very fortunate to have found one here in Eugene; its owner must have emigrated to the woods of Oregon.

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This generation Accord (CB; 1990-1993) was perhaps the best ever, in terms of driving dynamics and overall appeal, before it got a bit more…Taurus-like. But that was rather wasted on the Suburb Squire’s target market. Not enough cupholders. And the ride was too firm. And it wasn’t quiet enough inside. And no lazy V6 engines.

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Unfortunately the original wire wheel covers have been replaced here with aftermarket wheels, confusing the image even further. Probably the biggest mistake Honda made was not crowning the Suburb Squire with a big chrome roof rack; that was the real key to success in the traditional wagon market. (originally planned to be published on 4/1/15)