CC Outtake: Honda CRX – “Melanie, I Dented Your Door Pulling Out Friday Night”

CC 244 109 1200

It never fails: You lend a car to someone, and they ding it up. And a red gen1 CRX, no less. Ouch!

CC 244 111 1200

I wondered about the damage on the front end of this CRX and the note on the windshield. But as best as I can make it out, it says “Melanie…I dented your door pulling out Friday night….”

CC 244 110 1200

So presumably they’re off the hook for the googly-eyed front headlight and some collateral damage? Maybe another friend?

CC 244 114 1200

So I went and looked for the damaged door, and this all I could find. Not so bad.

CC 244 112 1200

The exterior of this lovely little buzz bomb may be somewhat worse for wear, but its interior looks mighty nice for a thirty year old car.

CC 244 107 1200

There used to be about three or four red CRXs around, including two Si versions, but lately they seem to have disappeared. I’m a bit sorry to see this one getting dinged up, but it’s still very fixable. Hopefully that’s what’ll happen, but is the person who dented the door going to actually step up and offer to pay? There’s a big difference between saying “sorry”, and “how much do I owe you?”

The solution: don’t lend your car; there’s a carmic law that always seems to punish rather than reward the person doing the good deed.