CC Outtake: I Don’t Need No Modern Full Size, King Cab Pickup

We have seen posts on CC recently that have told us that we don’t need any modern full size pickups and another that questioned where the regular cab pickups had gone.  Well, today it went to the feed store.  There are some reasons that I bought my 1991 S10 regular cab over an extended cab version – and some disadvantages as well.  Being an old truck, there have also been some misadventures.  For some of us this is the way to go.

By the way, the truck carried the load level.  In this shot, its the ground that isn’t.  I tend to be pretty easy on my vehicles most of the time but I do insist that they do the job I bought them for.  In this case, it needs to carry.  This vehicle was bought because it had a seven foot bed, heavy duty springs, a 4.3 liter engine, and a 700R4 transmission.  All that I read says that they had the bugs worked out of the running gear by 1991. We have to keep five donkeys, a llama, and numerous ducks, geese and chickens fed.  It gets real expensive to have feed delivered.  My S10 used to have air conditioning but a power surge took out the speedometer and A/C clutch.  Rest assured I will fix that before the Houston summer gets intense.

At 20+ mpg this has been an improvement over most full size trucks.  I can reach over the bed rail with no problem.  It is about the size trucks were in the ’50s.  Overall, the S10, Ranger, and Dakota are probably my favorite size of truck and they can be real workhorses.  I couldn’t have fit this load (which exceeds 3/4 ton) in the bed if I had a king cab.

My truck belonged to an industrial plant before I bought it with 75k miles.   I have come to think that the experts on the internet have badmouthed the S10 trucks excessively.  I sure wasn’t happy to have an electrical fire, but the truck does just fine. Works for me!